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    Whiteboard Video Service in Varanasi


    Creative Design & Advertising To Increase Marketing

    We at VK IT Solutions offer a wide range of different creative styles of whiteboard and explainer videos, using state of the art technology, that do a great job in boosting the promotional value of your animated video and helping greatly with the conversion process. Using this we make it a convenient form of describing your ideas and it will also serve as a tool for promoting products or services, in a simplified yet effective and less costly manner.


    Design Whiteboard video that will grab attention of your customers.

    Convenient form of promoting ideas or products and services using animation.

    We give animation benefits that will create leads for your business.


    We devise an illustration style appropriate to your message and brand, crafting original artwork for your video. The whiteboard animation is a perfect option to represent the complex messages into simple, yet memorable way. With whiteboard animations we can help improve memory recall in your customers and viewers as compared to normal talking head videos. We design whiteboard animation for all types of stuff, including corporate, educational, or just an introduction to any business or organization.


    We offer the best whiteboard animation services and all our whiteboard animations are created by our whiteboard video experts, combining expertise with creativity, to convey messages about products and services in more memorable, engaging way. Through this we help your business to gain popularity among viewers and your customers by conveying your messages engagingly, entertainingly and clearly as compared to reams of text. The whiteboard animation videos are considered as silent sellers as creates a major impact on a websites online product and business promotion.


    Our Video Production Process

    Our video production strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.



    Before creating video, we know about the purpose of the video through our customers. A process to clarify who we are talking to, what behavioural change we seek to create with this video, what information and emotions will create this change, and what length it needs to be. Our team focuses in aquiring the complete information from our clients before creating the video.


    After gaining the information, we move onto the next step in which we create a script for developing the video.


    Script Development

    The script is the basis of an animated marketing video and the message you want to transmit through it. Following the exploration process we know what to say, how to say it and how much time we have. Your team then develops the draft before entering into story boarding phase. Through a script we plan of exactly what to say during the video.


    We make sure that your video doesn't go for too longer and for this we make it simple, effective, short and precise to make your customers understand about your product.


    Story Boarding

    The storyboard describes the actions and the visual aspects of the video. To put it simply, it’s like a comic strip of the animated video. We draw over the whiteboard and tell the story at the same time. Our storyboard is continuous and not present many short transitions. There’s always a hand drawing the whole thing.


    With comletion the storyboard looks difficult but the resulting video will be a lot better and have a greater impact over the audience.


    Animation & Audio

    After storyboarding, the next step is to lay down the storyboard in a way that corresponds to the script. For us storyboarding is the idea stage, and animation is the executive stage. This is the time when we create an impactful story for your business. With the animation timing and script we create magical video for you.


    After animation we add audio to the animation that make your video to look professional. The audio is clear so that the story on the video is fully understood.


    Final Video

    After script, animation and audio your video is finally ready to be peoduced. We provide our clients with videos for their suggestions and give it a final touch if required. On completion we can see what will the video say, how it will sound and exactly what the images will look like. Our experts design videos that will help your business to flourish.


    In this whole process our team works with full concentration and provide you with the video that will make your business reach another level.